President Ali meets with GuySuCo managers to discuss strategic direction

Targets improvement in communication, management and efficiency

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali invited the leadership of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) to discuss its strategic direction with the intention of improving the corporation’s efficiency and effectiveness.

The meeting was attended by approximately 180 senior officials and managers of the sugar corporation at State House in Georgetown.

The President instituted on-the-spot solutions aimed at improving communication, management and direction.

“We are not investing all of these resources in GuySuCo for failure. The restructuring and strengthening of GuySuCo is not a joke. When we said we want to make this industry viable, it is not a mystery.”

The President underscored that the corporation does not belong to any individual or group, but to the country.

“Success does not start with money, success starts with the right attitude, success starts with teams, success starts with people and if we can’t get this fundamentally right, then we have no hope of being successful—absolutely no hope of being successful.”

President Ali also emphasised that it cannot be “business as usual anymore” and there must be sweeping changes.


The President was informed that there is a high turnover rate for field workers—which hinders efficiency.

Though this is a challenge, he noted that it is also an opportunity to look towards mechanisation.

Both estate managers of Albion and Blairmont indicated plans to improve their mechanisation to 60% by 2026, through the increased usage of specialised tractors. President Ali, however, noted that the time span for the completion of their target can be reduced by two years and can be achieved by 2024.

To this end, he tasked the Board of Directors and senior managers of the corporation to organise a sub-committee to do an analysis with the objective of implementation as soon as possible.

“I know the problem, I understand the problem and that is why we have to accelerate this mechanisation.”


President Ali also tasked the senior officials to have a weekly management meeting to improve communication and management. He noted that the Corporation will not advance if persons have different visions.

“People depend on us, and I depend on you. At the end of the day, the buck stops at my Office. The same exercise conducted this morning at the senior level I want to be conducted at the estate level and junior staff level.”

The President also implored the senior officials to visit all of the estates and speak to all of the employees.

“I want all personality issues in this organisation to be stripped today.” He also challenged the managers to be humble in the execution of their duties.

“An organisation requires collective thinking and action.”

Director-General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Madanlall Ramraj; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Delma Nedd and Director of Projects at the Office of the President, Mrs Marcia Nadir-Sharma, were also at the meeting.