President Ali’s 1000-men programme gaining momentum – Brigadier Bess

Men on a Mission activity slated for Friday

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali’s 1000-men programme is gaining momentum with an activity dubbed Men on a Mission slated for Friday, October 28 at Base Camp Ayanganna.

Chief-of -Staff of the Guyana Defense Force, Brigadier Godfrey Bess and Police Commissioner Clifton Hicken, on Tuesday evening during a televised programme, provided an update.

The 1000-men initiative aims to address some of the most pressing issues afflicting men and boys across Guyana.

The programme was announced by President Ali on October 16, while addressing a religious service in Leguan.

“This 1,000-men programme is to reverse the strategy in dealing with the problems faced by young boys and men in our society. The mission of these 1,000 men is to work in every community to eradicate hunger, to work in every single community to lift those who are emotionally affected, and socially affected.

“It is to change every society and bring positive living and positive light to every single community. It is to work against violence, it is working to make men better, at being good men, responsible men, responsible boys, responsible youths in the society,” the president had stated.

The project aims to provide men with much-needed mentorship and guidance, with the aim of building One Guyana and molding a better future for young Guyanese.

Brigadier Bess explained that the project will be undertaken by men of various ethnicities, religious beliefs and backgrounds, who will serve as mentors, as well as motivators for the current and future generations.

These persons include Brigadier Bess and Mr Hicken, along with other senior ranks of the disciplined forces, religious leaders, teachers, farmers, healthcare workers, sportsmen and entertainers, among others.

“These thousand men will work diligently with the support of every governmental and non-governmental organisation as we strive toward tackling the generation of issues that have afflicted our menfolk.

“As we launch the mentorship programme to benefit young men and men in general, we will launch public education and advocate on the issues facing men. This programme will be done in phases. It will be sustainable, and stretch over a period of years,” BrigadierBess noted.

The Men on Mission is part of the initial phase of the programme.

Bess urged all men and boys to come out to the launch, and be part of the change that is coming.

The event will feature performances by local artistes and an opportunity to hear stories and encouragement from fellow men, with the hope that it ignites within those present, the desire to reach their full potential.

Booths will be set up by companies and organisations to share information on job vacancies, men’s health, social issues and counselling, among other topics.

“By November 19, International Men’s Day, we intend to have a countrywide outreach with committees… to create a better society and mold a better future for men. These committees will be committed to providing men with engagement awareness in regards to men’s health, inclusive mental health. Workshops will be conducted to target decision making, conflict management and de-escalation strategies to name a few,” he explained.

The Chief-of-Staff further highlighted the importance of empowering men and assisting them in having their needs met.

“We have watched a generation of men pass, and many of them have slipped away. We have lost many men for various reasons. This is our chance to provide our men with much the needed mentorship and guidance and build a One Guyana as we create a better future for those young Guyanese to come.”

He expressed his anticipation for a large turnout on Friday, and urged women to support the initiative.