Public Notice by the Ministry of Public Works

− Removal of derelict vehicles and encumbrances along the roadways

Notice is hereby given to members of the public for the removal of all derelict vehicles, materials, and other encumbrances left on or at the side of the roadway.

The Ministry of Public Works’ National Enhancement Committee in collaboration with Non-Governmental Organisations, is again conducting another National Clean-Up Exercise, starting tomorrow, Saturday, 12th November 2022.

Removal of derelict vehicles and encumbrances along the roadways

This exercise will continue in varying forms, in sections of Georgetown and throughout the country.

The Ministry, therefore, gives notice to the public, specifically the owners of these derelict vehicles to have them removed immediately, within the next 24 hours, or have them removed by the Ministry’s clean-up team.

With the latter choice, the Ministry will not be responsible for any damage or loss when these derelict vehicles and encumbrances are removed.  

The National Cleanup and Derelict Vehicle Removal Exercise is being carried out in accordance with the Laws of Guyana, Section 29 of the Road Act Cap. 51:01 – ‘seizure and disposal of property obstructing road Act.

The exercise is being carried out to protect citizens, promote road safety, and improve the flow of traffic, especially in the event of emergencies.

The Minister of Public Works, and by extension the Government of Guyana, thanks citizens and visitors to our country for their usual cooperation and support.

N.B – All derelict vehicles will be taken to the ministry’s derelict dumpsite, which is located in Laluni and can be accessed from the Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway entrance.