Public Works Ministry provides clarity on Tuschen Main Access Road

The Ministry of Public Works said it has taken note of an article published on November 30, 2021, by Kaieteur News, titled ‘$32 million road works at Tuschen crumbles 8 months after completion.’

Providing clarity on the matter, the ministry said a contract valued $32,147,360 was awarded to Mohamed Fawaz Bacchus Construction and Transportation, on November 25, 2020. The pavement work was completed by May 4, 2021.

It said the contract was for partial reconstruction and repairs to the deteriorated intersection (pot hole patching and asphalt over layering) on Phase one, Tuschen Main Access Road.

Subsequent to the completion of the pavement works, a site inspection was conducted in May 2021. During the inspection, it was noted that some of the pot holes on the Main Access Road remained the same.

An audit of the works was later requested by Minister within the Ministry, Deodat Indar, MP, which involved inspection by the senior engineers and the internal audit team from the ministry.

The audit revealed that the total work of Asphaltic Concrete Coverage under the contract was 90M, however, the contractor paved 167M, which included paving pot holes and sections of cross streets intersecting the main access road. The work by the contractor was more than the contractual obligation, the ministry said.

The release said the sectional failures observed at the police outpost measured 70 Meters. The contractor repaired two sections measuring 6 Meters each at both ends. It said further, that the contractor was instructed to fix pot holes that were visible at the corners of the road.

“The area that currently has the pot holes and visible failures were not paved by this contractor. The large pot holes seen now, did not surface at the time these inspections were conducted and has developed recently due to water being trapped in this 70 Meters section of the road, due to private property concrete to the road shoulder and lack of drainage on the paved sidewalk.”

The ministry said the lifespan of the existing asphaltic concrete has elapsed since the road was constructed many years ago. It said the surface has worn down and is under one inch thick.  Heavy raveling is occurring, as it cannot withstand the traffic load conditions, the release noted.

The ministry said it will immediately address the failed sections. According to the release, the contractor was instructed to remedy the defects, since it is within the one year defects liability period under the contract

The ministry has apologised to commuters for any inconvenience caused.