Several recreational parks slated for upgrades to promote tourism

The government is actively promoting the country as a tourism destination and has been taking steps and making significant investments to develop its natural attractions.

One noteworthy initiative is being undertaken by the Protected Areas Commission (PAC), which is working to enhance the landscapes of several national parks located along the coast and hinterland.

Commissioner of the Protected Areas Commission, Jason Fraser

During a recent interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI), PAC’s Commissioner, Jason Fraser said as part of the enhancement efforts, the National Park will receive upgrades for a better visitor experience.

“Soon you will see two outdoor gyms at two locations, one just beyond the arch as you enter the car park, and one by the kids’ play area. These are hydraulic gyms where you could just go and exercise.

Visitors at Kaieteur National Park

“We are also having a designated area for dog lovers so persons who want to walk their dogs will have an opportunity to do so in a safe space, without having to compromise the safety of other park users.”

The Joe Vieira Park is also slated for major upgrades, with some US $11 million set aside for the project.

Fraser noted that there are five protected areas in Guyana including Shell Beach and the Kaieteur National Park. The intention is to have more people visit these areas and efforts are being made to ensure it happens.

Part of the Botanical Gardens that will be enhanced

“We have just installed and renovated quite a bit of infrastructure at the Kaieteur National Park and in fact, we are proceeding to concession out our guest houses and some other infrastructure to get the private sector involved, the tour operators involved into making that product better and just improving livelihoods,” Fraser said.

Last Friday the PAC, the Guyana Tourism Authority, and stakeholders in the tourism industry examined the Botanical Gardens. The plan is to have it enhanced to cater to the needs of tourists.