Spectators, officials laud Mashramani float parade as a ‘beautiful event’

This year’s Mashramani road parade is already being hyped as the biggest as it promises to provide a spectacular display of Guyana’s rich culture and transformation.

Hundreds of families and tourists were gathered along Irving Street, Georgetown, to view the stunning and interesting costumes in the small to large bands categories at this year’s jam-packed Mashramani float parade, on Friday afternoon.

Spectator, Towanna Boucher with her family and friends

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke to spectators and officials along the parade route laud the parade route as a beautiful event.

Spectator, Towanna Boucher, from Plaisance, who could not contain her excitement for this year’s Mashramani event said, “The first band that I saw was the Ministry of Education’s band. So far, their band looks very organised and everything about it is so nice.”

Another spectator, Nisha Khan expressed that she always looks forward to this particular event every year.

Nisha Khan with her family along Irving Street

Spectator, Jasmine Matthias from La Parfaite Harmonie who was at the event with her entire family expressed that Mashramani offers a plethora of entertainment for everyone.

“We brought out the children so they could be entertained and have some fun today. We already saw the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport and I am excited to see the other bands and their costumes and how they are going to perform when they pass here today,” Matthias said.

Spectator, Sabrina Ross and her family

Spectator, Sharda Mohabir, who was having fun with her friends, expressed, “I am looking forward to enjoying myself today and the parade coming down…That is what I came for.”

Guyanese-based American, Felicia Batts who returned to Guyana for the celebrations highlighted that everyone should experience an event of this calibre, as it represents Guyana and its population.

Sections of the ministry of agriculture’s float

Batts added, “We need to experience this. This is not going to be the last time. We will be coming back for more and more.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, underlined that the ministry’s band showcases Guyana’s potential as it continues to lead in food security efforts locally and regionally.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha

“We are also showcasing the crops we used to produce and the new crops like corn and soya, wheat, livestock and all the agricultural output we are depicting here in these floats,” he highlighted.

The agriculture minister further expressed, “I am very confident and optimistic that what we are depicting in our float will catch the attention of the judges. I think we are in for a very good prize this year.”

This year, Mashramani is being celebrated under the theme ‘Celebrating Our Peoples and Our Prosperity.’