Systems to strengthen security architecture a key part of govt’s vision – President Ali

As several new GDF officers commissioned

For Guyana’s security sector to be strengthened, systems and institutions that are “second to none “must be built into the architecture.

This was the statement made by President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali, as he addressed the commissioning parade of the Standard Officers’ Course No 54 at Guyana Defence Force (GDF) headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, Thomas Lands.

President Dr Irfaan Ali posed for a photo with the newly-commissioned Officers of the Guyana Defence Force’s Standard Officers Course # 54

These systems, the president said, include rigorous training programmes that will see officers of the armed forces performing their duties at an optimal level.

“Part of our vision in the Guyana Defence Force and in our security architecture, is to build systems and institutions that will be attractive to our regional and international partners. Part of our strategy is to establish training programmes that are second to none…programmes that are relevant to Guyana and the regional needs,” the president posited.

As the GDF continues to expand, President Ali emphasised the need for the continued training of officers, as older officers proceed on retirement.

“The ongoing replenishment of commissioned officers is essential to fill the void left by retirements and departures. The mantle of leadership must remain steady,” he explained.

President Ali congratulated the graduates, reminding them of the important responsibility that has been laid on their shoulders.

“I join in extending my sincere congratulations to those who will step off this parade ground as newly minted Officers…this parade signifies the culmination of a period of intense preparation that you’ve undergone, but it also signals your readiness to confront new challenges and embrace new possibilities in new horizons,” he said.

In this year’s budget alone, more than $20 billion was budgeted directly to the GDF for the continued upskilling of its officers, as well as other major capital projects such as the procurement of modernised equipment.