‘When development comes knocking at your door, you have to accept it’ – Residents commend enhancement of Independence Boulevard

Residents of Albouystown and surrounding communities that will benefit from the $1.4 billion Independence Boulevard (Punt Trench) enhancement project have commended the government for the transformation.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) caught up with several persons on Saturday, including Dexter Hatton, who described the initiative as a remarkable gift to the communities that will directly benefit.

“I must say thank you to the current government for making this possible. You hear about things and see things around Guyana, but to come out one day from work and see this… take a nice cool drive down and see all these families and even the naysayers who condemning they enjoying it way more than the people who wanted it,” he stated.

Dexter Hatton, resident

Hatton believes that people should set aside their political differences and appreciate development.

“When somebody does something positive that benefits the people, the people need to respect it… no matter what is their political views. When development comes knocking at your door, you have to accept development,” he posited.  

Abdol Azeez who has been residing in East La Penitence for the past 50 years said, “All the residents of Albouystown will feel a good relief now because they can’t get flood no more. This is one of the goods that the government does for them. This place is bright, if you drop corn, you can find it at night here.”

Abdol Azeez, resident

With a beaming smile, Azeez recalled a recent encounter with a GTT representative, which further heightened his pride.

“I go to GTT yesterday and when the girl see Boulevard, she said ‘uncle you come from a big place now.’ I felt so proud,” he exclaimed.

Young Dwayne James happily expressed the simple pleasure of sitting and conversing with his friends in a comfortable environment.

Dwayne James, resident

“It’s wonderful. I feel happy that I could sit and talk to my friends. We used to stand up, mosquitos biting, never used to getting these proper lights and these things. So, I glad that they come in Albouystown and do this for the ghetto youths,” James emphasised.  

Another resident, Shaizad Khan highlighted the project’s significance for the younger generation.

Shaizad Khan, resident

“The development is very good for the youths. It’s a lot of improvements. Before we had dam, mud, and slush, so this is very good. Now, you see a lot of people, old folks coming out and relaxing like you are on the seawall.”

Coach attached to the Peace and Power Boxing Gym, Clifton Barker also lauded the transformation, remarking on the positive impact it has on his ability to train children in the community.

“The area is very good, it helps the children in the community because you have a place where you can sit down and lime and then when I come out here to train, people would sit down and admire these children training,” he said.

Coach Barker added that they no longer rely on the sea walls for their training sessions.

Coach attached to the Peace and Power Boxing Gym, Clifton Barker

 “I get to train the children now more better because I could use from Cemetery Road to La Penitence, which will cover the distance from the seawall and it is less traffic because we have a place to run,” he disclosed.

The Independence Boulevard project is a representation of the government’s commitment to urban development and infrastructure enhancement, ensuring the lives of Guyanese are improved and aligned with the ‘One Guyana’ vision.

Coach Barker and budding boxers

The undertaking, which stretches from Saffon Street to Cemetery Road, boasts a double-lane carriageway on the northern side and a single-lane carriageway on the southern side.

Family enjoying some quality time on the Independence Boulevard

Additionally, between these two thoroughfares, there is a promenade, where visitors will enjoy a well-lit area, comfortable benches, and strategically placed garbage bins, contributing to a clean and environmentally friendly ambiance.