Works on Kitty roundabout progressing

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DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Work on Guyana’s first major roundabout at Vlissengen Road and Carifesta Avenue is quickly progressing and is about 15 percent complete. The construction, which began last Tuesday, should be concluded before the scheduled six months, providing the weather permits.

Ongoing sand filling works on the roundabout at Vlissengen Road and Carifesta Avenue.

Senior Engineer of the project, Sherod Parkinson told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that works are being executed in three major sections. “This is the filter lanes from Vlissingen Road to Carifesta; filter lanes from Carifesta to the seawall and they’ll also commence work on the filter lanes from Kitty Public Road to Vlissengen Road shortly.”

The plan is to construct all of the exterior lanes, then the centre of the intersection with minimum disruption to traffic. Parkinson explained that the design of the roundabout is very basic and similar to other found around the world. He explained that in addition to improving traffic flow, it will allow large vehicles to get traverse in and out of the roundabout with ease.

“The designs that we have to date, includes two traffic signals which will be controlling the traffic flowing in from the two major lanes, Irving Street and Kitty Public Road. Those are the two that will be monitored or controlled by traffic signals the others will be allowed to go in and out of the roundabout without traffic signals,” the senior Engineer said.

The ongoing roadworks.

During the last phase of the project, construction will commence on the centre of the intersection, during this period traffic will be diverted into the lanes that would have been completed. Parkinson stressed that the aim is to have the flow of vehicles run simultaneously with the works so that drivers will not be greatly discomforted.

Earlier in the year, a $78.9M contract was awarded to S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Construction Services for works on the roundabout. Engineer Johnny Raghubir, while updating DPI on the road building aspect said “we are currently building the bypass road, we’ve finished most of the excavation and we’re doing sand filling. We have to put crusher run loam and asphalt next, to build the road around the bypass.”

When completed, the flow of traffic in the area is expected to significantly improve; enabling drivers to reach their destinations effortlessly and reduce the number of vehicles travelling on East Coast of Demerara, Carifesta Avenue or in the vicinity of Kitty.


By: Ranetta La Fleur