18 Carnegie graduates oriented in possible employment in offshore catering

DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, November 14, 2017

El Dorado Offshore (EDO) collaborated with the Carnegie School of Home Economics to introduce graduates to employment possibilities in the catering operations of the oil and gas sector.

Calvin Chin-Sue, Chief Chef and Catering Manager of EDO.

Yesterday, 18 vetted graduates began a three-day workshop that introduced them to the operational procedure of offshore catering. Country Manager of EDO, Kerri Gravesande, said the collaboration is part of building capacity in the new industry.

“There is need for a catering compliment on board the drillship as well as the PSVs, the supply vessels. Guys have to eat,” Gravesande told the Department of Public Information (DPI).

The workshop is being facilitated by EDO’s Chief Chef and Catering Manager Calvin Chin-Sue. Chin-Sue outlined that the workshop will, among other things, highlight the importance of safety and introduce the participants to Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), the standard governing offshore catering.

“At the end of this programme I want to see that we have chefs, we have galley hands, we have cooks, we have people ready to go on oil rigs, drill ships, support vessels for the rigs,” Chin-Sue said.

Penelope Harris, Principal of the Carnegie School of Home Economics.

Meanwhile, Principal of the Carnegie School of Home Economics, Penelope Harris, noted that the workshop is timely given that there will be an increased need for support services like catering and hospitality in the new industry.

“It means that we all have to be upskilled. I need to be upskilled as well our instructors here need to be upskilled,” Harris said.

EDO is working with the school to incorporate offshore catering into the curriculum.  “Trainings like these are not only going to benefit the oil and gas sector it’s going to benefit other vessels working in and out of Guyana,” Gravesande noted.

EDO is one of the local suppliers for ExxonMobil’s offshore operations. The company has facilitated opportunities for over 30 Guyanese to work on the Stenna Carron Drill ship and the supply vessels of those ships.

More recently, EDO collaborated with the Georgetown Technical Institute by facilitating training and internship opportunities to selected graduates.


By: Tiffny Rhodius

A section of the participants.

Kerri Gravesande, EDO Country Manager.


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