$2.8B allocated towards achieving universal, equitable water access

GINA, GUYANA, Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Government is working towards ensuring equitable and efficient delivery of high quality pure water.

Delivering the National 2017 Budget to the National Assembly yesterday, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan explained that in achieving this objective, the Government has set out a five-pronged approach.

A GWI wellThis approach, which will span the next five-year strategic cycle, will see the investment of $2.8 B to cover the programme for 2017. The Minister said that this sum will cover projects including the construction and installation of filters, aerators, and quality assurance systems at the Central Ruimveldt, Covent Garden, Grove, and New Amsterdam water treatment plants.

It also caters for the construction of new wells at Section ‘B’ Sophia, Vergenoegen, Pouderoyen, Westminster, and New Amsterdam, and the installation of water supply systems in hinterland locations including at Chenapou, Tassarene, Matthews Ridge, and Yarakita.

Also on the 2017 agenda is the improvement of energy efficiency in water supply by utilising solar photovoltaic systems for schools, health facilities, and Government buildings in Regions 1, 7, and 9. Minister Jordan said that this intervention will benefit over 2,500 residents.

Meanwhile, under the Non-Revenue Water Reduction Programme, there are provisions for the replacement of deteriorated pipelines and increase metering coverage, which will see 15,000 meters installed by the end of 2017, the Minister said.

Further, the water authority will be pursuing investment in an upgraded billing system, in support of its loss reduction initiatives. In the area of water safety and quality, a laboratory has been established at the Shelter Belt water treatment plant and this will be complemented by the establishment of mini-laboratories at each of the 23 remaining treatment plants across the country. This will ensure the water distributed to the customers is of the highest quality, in accordance with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards, Minister Jordan said.

Government’s five-pronged approach towards ensuring equitable and efficient delivery of high quality pure water covers improving the level of services and water supply across the country; increasing treated water coverage; expanding the metering programme; a loss reduction programme; and improving the billing and collection of water rates.



By: Macalia Santos