$26M for the rehabilitation of Paipang Creek, Rupunau bridges

The PPP/C Government through the Ministry of Public Works expended some $26 million to construct bridges in the communities of Paipang Creek and Rupunau, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo).

The construction of the bridge over Paipang Creek is a significant development for the region, as it benefits over 450 residents.

Paipang Creek Bridge

Rehabilitation works on the bridge was executed by Beerdat Harinandan Construction Services to the tune of $14 million.  The bridge has been constructed to provide access to the villages of Taushida and Kogshebai, which were previously inaccessible due to the lack of proper infrastructure.

The concrete substructure and timber decking bridge with a length of 96ft by 15ft commenced in November 2022 and was completed on March 12, 2023. It is designed to provide a safe and reliable crossing for the residents to access much-needed services in and around their community.

Additionally, the government expended some $12 million to repair the Rupunau Bridge. The project was undertaken by RL Timber and Construction Services.

Repairs to Rupunau Bridge

The completed bridge is 50ft x 15ft and has a complete timber structure. The repair works started in October 2022 and were completed in November 2022.

The repair of the Rupunau Bridge was also a significant development project, as it ensures the safety of the residents who use it daily. The bridge is a vital link between several communities of  Region Nine, and its repair was essential to ensure that it remained safe and functional. The bridges are essential infrastructure projects that will bring significant benefits to the communities they serve. These developments demonstrate the government’s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens by providing them with access to essential services and infrastructure as promised in the PPP/C Manifesto 2020-2025.