30 persons in Bartica benefitting from the BIT programme

The Board of Industrial Training (BIT) has commenced the heavy-duty operator and maintenance training programme in Bartica, Region Seven.

The training programme has 30 participants including six females and 24 males.

CEO of BIT, Richard Maughn with some of the participants of the heavy-duty operator and maintenance training

Participants of the training programme have expressed gratitude to be a part of the initiative.

One such participant is Atina Fiedtkou. She said the programme will be beneficial to many women.

“This programme will be beneficial to us women, especially me, because more later down in the future, as I learn this trade here. I can also be independent by helping others with this same thing here. I will get my certificate later on and I will have proof that I have been a part of the Board of Industrial Training and I learn the trade here. And instead of bringing people from Georgetown and so on, we already qualify, here, in Bartica.”

One of the participants operating the machine

Meanwhile, Fitz and George from Kangaruma Village, Middle Mazaruni, stated, “this programme is very beneficial because all of the school dropouts and the young people in Guyana, I think they can benefit from this also.”

Another participant, Shawn Fernandes said that the training will provide lots of benefits to the participants in the long term.

“I have always wanted to get a trade like this in life because it is beneficial to everyone. When you’re doing it, you can afford a lot of things in your life. And in environments like these, here, getting jobs is kinda hard. It will be good to have a certificate and you also have the training as well which BIT provides.”

Atena Fiedtkou, participant

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of BIT, Richard Maughn underlined that the training is a component of the government’s wider initiative to upskill Guyanese so they can be prepared with the current pace of development, “I’m happy to see them, here, actively involved in the clearing of the lands in four and a half miles, Bartica. Countrywide, there are 112 females conducting similar training.”

He expressed gratitude to the government for the allocation of resources to push the programmes which have been benefitting Guyanese, including young people and females which will,“help them to acquire skills that are desperately needed.”

 “To make sure people can take part in the developmental activities. We believe in a human-resource approach to development. In developing these individuals, they can add to developments.”

Shawn Fernandes, participant

Maughnrelated that the participants will be equipped with the necessary skills needed to further push the developments within their communities.

The BIT training programme is aimed at empowering Guyanese with the skills necessary to meet the future needs of local industries.

The government allocated $448.5 million in 2022 to advance the work of BIT.  Tags; DPI, Department of Public Information, Ministry of Labour, Board of Industrial Training (BIT), women training in heavy duty operators in Region Seven.