735 drivers prosecuted using e-ticketing system – Traffic Chief

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has prosecuted some 735 errant drivers from December 2022 to date, utilising the e-ticketing system that was operationalised along the Eccles to Mandela Highway in September 2022.

The system uses cameras and other technology to accurately monitor traffic, check speeds, and read license plates, as well as track any traffic violations to ensure efficient ticketing.

Traffic Chief, Superintendent Dennis Stephens made the disclosure during an exclusive interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) on Thursday.

“We are currently enforcing the laws … as it relates to speeding and persons failing to wear seatbelts. So far, we would have prosecuted a total of 735 persons for exceeding the speed limit and failure to wear seatbelts,” Superintendent Stephens disclosed.

Traffic Chief, Superintendent Dennis Stephens

This system operates 24 hours and is expected to encourage drivers to follow traffic laws, promote greater discipline on the roads and lower the number of accidents caused by dangerous driving.
Superintendent Stephens explained that the traffic department utilises the safe city initiative, where CCTV cameras are placed in various parts of the country to identify errant and reckless drivers on the roadways.

“As it relates to persons committing themselves on the roadway where we have CCTV cameras, we would extract…in fact, traffic ranks are placed at the centre and observe traffic violations and we prosecute persons as it relates to that,” the senior police officer told DPI.  

The e-ticketing system forms part of the administration’s policy to modernise and improve the lives of citizens. It is expected to improve efficiency in the drafting and dispatching of tickets, as well as the enforcement of penalties and fines.