AFC “pushing new blood” at LGE

DPI, GUYANA, Friday, September 21, 2018

The Alliance for Change (AFC) says it is presenting a slate of new Local Government Elections’ (LGE) candidates in Georgetown.

The party said that while it is open to persons with experience, the nature of Local Government makes way for new persons to get on board.

Speaking to the media today prior to submitting the List of Candidates to GECOM, Region Four Chairman, Michael Leonard said the party has made way for a number of new persons.

“We have actually asked some of our members to step back and allow new blood, new persons with new ideas, new vision and energy to come and be part of the process,” Leonard disclosed.

In the lead up to the Elections on November 12, Leonard said the AFC will continue its grassroots campaign.

“We are being strategic. We want to ensure that we communicate to persons our core values and principles, transparency and accountability. So, we are going to go to citizens as well and ensuring that we get them to give them some input. Let us know what they want us… actual things in the community.”

Leonard said the party is contesting the elections in all 15 constituencies in Georgetown. According to him, AFC will continue speaking on behalf of citizens and pushing for accountability and transparency. He noted too that the AFC sees Local Government as “more than cleaning drains”.

“We are advocating for things like public voting records so that councillors can be held accountable… so, we have to devise strategies to ensure representatives are accountable,” Leonard stated emphatically.

Alexis Rodney

Images: Jameel Mohamed