Barbados Housing and Investment team lauds Government’s housing policies

-Seeks to strengthen collaboration in the housing and construction sectors

The head of the Barbados Housing and Investment Mission team, which is on a three day visit to Guyana, was earlier today hosted with an exchange and familiarization session by the Ministry of Housing and Water-Central Housing and Planning Authority.

The session was hosted at the Arthur Chung Convention Centre and provided a platform for the sharing of information on the operations of the housing sectors in both countries.

Head of the delegation, Dr. William Duguid-Minister of Housing, Land and Maintenance has lauded the Housing Ministry and the Government for the comprehensive housing policies, noting that it is an impressive one which seeks to meet the needs of people of all walks of life.

These sentiments followed a presentation, which was delivered by Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority, Mr. Sherwyn Greaves on the functions, roles and programmes of the agency in meeting the demand for housing and the need for parallel infrastructure development across the country. Dr. Duguid said his Government stands ready and committed to working with the local Housing Authority in the housing and construction sectors, as both Heads of State share similar visions for growth and development.

Dr. Duguid further lauded Guyana’s Government on the Mortgage Interest Relief Programme and the Young Professional Housing initiative stating that they are both impressive. He also called for more publicity on the investment opportunity and more platforms for exchanges in skills and knowledge in the construction sectors.

In her welcome remarks to the delegation, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, the Hon. Susan Rodrigues spoke of the timeliness of the visit. “This is an exciting and historic time for Guyana and the Guyanese economy, Guyana is one of the most rapidly growing economies in the world and most attractive destination for investment,” Minister Rodrigues said.

Referencing the 14.5 % growth in the overall country’s GDP within the first half of 2021, Minister Rodrigues noted this is a phenomenal achievement for a country that had major setbacks with a global pandemic and the fight to restore democracy.

“During the 5 months hiatus following our general and regional elections, your Prime Minister the Honorable Mia Motley and the people of Barbados stood with us and were instrumental in securing a recount and restoring democracy and for that the people of Guyana are internally grateful”.

Speaking of the upward trajectory of Guyana’s economy, Minister Rodrigues said Guyana now has a government that demonstrates the capacity and commitment to transform the economy and to improve the lives of ordinary citizens.

“We have already allocated close to 10,000 lots in our first year, thereby demonstrating the capacity to deliver on all of our commitments in the housing sector, our focus has been on home ownership and providing Guyanese with the opportunities to access financing to construct their own homes.”

Meanwhile Housing Minister, the Hon. Collin Croal in his address, endorsed the fact that Guyana is on the cusp of rapid development, as he spoke on partnership between Barbados and Guyana.

“While there continues to be grown in the overall GDP of our country, the construction sector and all other sector is seeing growth, in the first half of 2021 we have seen a 25% growth in the construction sector, that in itself is testimony of the work in the housing sector”.

Minister Croal further extended an invitation for investments, nothing that Guyana holds huge potential, as it seeks to expand its housing drive. Mention was also made of the strides being made with the ongoing process for the Single Window Processing System and the change in legislations for the Condominium Act. The Minister noted that the Single Window Processing System will pave the way for ease of access for investors coming to Guyana.

“All the measures and programmes being implemented in our housing policy ties into President Irfaan Ali’s vision to improve the quality of life for all Guyanese…our social programs like the housing programs caters to all.”

The Barbados Housing and Investment Mission arrived in Guyana on Friday and includes Mr. Timothy Maynard, Permanent Secretary, Ms. Kelly Hunte, Senior Housing Planner, Mr. Ian Gill, General Manager of the National Housing Corporation and Mr. Ian Foster, Chief Technical Officer. A team from the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation including Mr. Mark Hill, CEO, Mr. Paul Waithe, Manager Bio-economy, Ms. Marina Taitt, Director of Quality and Ms. Sharon Walton, Director of Quality Guyana also forms part of the delegation.