Blairmont, Uitvlugt sugar estates record improved performance

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has announced that the Blairmont Sugar Estate, Region Five and the Uitvlugt Sugar Estate, Region Three, have exceeded their weekly production targets.

In a statement Monday, the corporation congratulated employees at both estates, noting that sugar workers at the locations will benefit from the weekly production incentive (WPI), which is equivalent to an additional tax-free day pay.

Uitvlugt Sugar Estate in Region Three

“The executive management of GuySuCo wishes to congratulate the Blairmont and Uitvlugt estates on surpassing their weekly production target by nine per cent and eight per cent respectively,” the statement said.

The recognition by management is due to the efforts of both teams. It encouraged them to continue the good work to ensure that weekly targets are made for the remainder of the first crop.

Cane Harvesting at Blairmont Estate in Region Five

In addition, this is good news for a corporation that has faced harsh criticism for failing to meet its targets in the past and having to rely on government subsidies to keep the Corporation running.

GuySuCo was allocated $4 billion in the 2023 budget to begin construction of the Albion sugar packaging plant and to expand the capacity of the Blairmont packaging plant among other significant undertakings, which will increase the value-added capacity of the sugar company.

Cane harvesting ongoing for GuySuCo’s first crop

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Administration has invested more than $10 billion in plant and equipment, rehabilitated cane fields at all factory locations, and fostered private sector partnerships to increase land under cultivation in the sugar industry.