Budget 2020 ensures that “Amerindians will not be left behind”

-MP Lee Williams

Member of Parliament, Hon. Lee Williams, today, lauded the proposed $329.5 billion 2020 Budget, noting that it would benefit all Guyanese, including the nation’s First Peoples.  

“Amerindians will not be left behind …. All the Amerindian people will be benefiting from the 2020 Budget,” M.P. Williams said in his address during the second day of Budget debates of the Twelfth Parliament. 

The Parliamentarian lauded the $475 million budgetary allocation for Amerindians to benefit from COVID-19 relief, and the reintroduction of the Community Support Officers (CSO) programme, which is expected to provide jobs for Amerindian youth. He also hailed the $800 million allocation for the Amerindian Development Fund as a step in the right direction for Indigenous people. 

The Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region Seven) representative said the Budget prioritises education and steps have already been taken to ensure that the Guyana Learning Channel streams educational programmes for all students.

The MP also called out the former administration for failing to ensure that education was delivered to students across the country. He singled out the Desrey Fox Secondary School, which does not have internet connectivity, even though the former administration was on record touting the existence of the service at the school.

“Since October 2019, no one has shown concern for that school,” Mr. Williams said. 

Against this backdrop, he praised the $15,000 cash grants for school children the Government plans to implement saying it will lessen the financial burden of many parents.

M.P. Williams also rapped the Opposition for failing to provide satisfactory services at the Kamarang Hospital and several health centres countrywide.

“I am pleased… today that the Government has allocated budget to improve healthcare delivery in all healthcare facilities and for frontline workers…. “$14.3 billion for [the] procurement of drugs and medical supplies in order for health facilities to be well equipped and adequately supplied,” M.P. Williams said.