Canal Bank, Annibisi in Region One benefitting from significant financial investments

The village of Canal Bank and its sub-village Annibisi in the Port Kaituma Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Region One, have benefitted from significant financial investments by the government.

Over $48 million has been pumped into Canal Bank to advance developmental projects through various programmes rolled out by the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs from August 2020 to date.

The boat procured utilising funds from the ministry’s Presidential Grant programme

These include the Presidential Grants, the Community Development Project (CDP) investment fund, and resources from the sale of Guyana’s carbon credits.

“It’s up to Canal Bank to utilise the monies that our government is investing in your village or community to the best of your ability, so that everyone can see the successes of the project including benefit from the project. And you can only do so by cooperating with the leadership that you elected,” Minister Pauline Sukhai explained Saturday, during a community meeting at the Canal Bank Primary School.

The outboard engine that was delivered to the community

Some $24 million has been earmarked for Canal Bank from the money earned through the sale of Guyana’s carbon credit.

“You can start drawing down that money for projects to enhance your community,” the minister added.

Additionally, the sub-village, Annibisi benefitted from $21 million in financial investments and support from the government including $10 million from the carbon credit funds.

An outboard engine was also handed over to Chairman of the Canal Bank CDC, Stephan Henry and Vice Chairman, Victor D’Oliveira, which will ensure the needs of Annibisi residents are met.

Residents of Canal Bank and Annibisi at the community meeting on Saturday

Additionally, a wooden boat was commissioned by the minister, through a community project funded by the government’s Presidential Grant Programme.

Also present at the engagement were Regional Chairman, Brentnol Ashley, Regional Executive Officer, Tikaram Bisesar, Project Coordinator at the ministry, Besham Ramsaywack and Port Kaituma’s newly elected Chairman, Keith Parker, among others.