CCPA conducts awareness sessions in Region 9

The Childcare and Protection Agency of the Ministry of Social Protection along with the Ministry of Education and the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association are currently conducting a joint outreach program in Region 9.

On the 19th June 2017 the group conducted their first session at the Annai Benab in the Community of Annai.

The outreach seeks to raise awareness on issues surrounding children and their safety. Head of the awareness team, Ms. Sophia Bess of CCPA, commenced the session by giving an overview of who is a child and the rights associated with children. During her presentation it was raised by residents in the community of Annai of the high incidences of sexual child abuse in the area.

One resident in the community, Mr. Suresh Andries, indicated that the situations faced in the region can be tackled through parental training. He was favourably informed of the parental training programs which are currently being conducted throughout the regions of Guyana to help parents acquire skills to better train their children.

Another issue raised was the negative effects of technology on today’s youth was which impact their behaviours. Ms. Monique Meusa, a probation officer attached to CCPA, in response to this issue encouraged parents to monitor their children’s activities and keep up to date with technology.

The awareness session also involved talks on STIs, cancers related to sexual activities and the importance of not being involved to early sexual activities. This awareness campaign is also being conducted in order to develop community watch groups within region 9. In this way persons in the different communities can act as “frontline officers” on behalf of the CCPA to have sexual child abuse cases reported.

The awareness campaign continues until June 22 in various communities in Region 9. Other persons in the awareness team include Dr. Ignatious Wrong, Ms. Salena Clohisy – a Volunteer at GRPA, Ms. Glenis Canterbury – CCPA, and Mr. Kevin Reddy – Ministry of Education.






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