CDC continues distribution to Kwakwani flood victims

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, July 21, 2018

Distribution of food supplies to the Kwakwani homes affected by flooding continued yesterday. This follows the initial damage assessment and verification conducted by the regional administration and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council.

This exercise was conducted by Civil Defence Commission (CDC) Director-General, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig, Assistant Regional Executive Officer (AREO) Leola Narine and one other CDC representative.

The team distributed food items along the Waterfront area to approximately 50 homes. Many residents would have received supplies during the first distribution stage. More homes are to be completed today as additional provisions arrive.

“The Civil Defence Commission recognised the needs of the residents of Kwakwani and provided supplies. These items are going to be used for persons who are directly impacted, to bring some amount of relief to them. It’s very difficult being in a situation where the water level is 5-7 ft high and trying to get food,” the Director-General explained.

Craig told the Department of Public Information that the distribution is transparent ensuring accountability. Prior to delivery, the Regional Democratic Council and the Neighbourhood Democratic Council visited the affected homes to document relevant contact information. Recipients were required to sign the distribution sheet thereby ensuring an efficient process when persons collected items.

“At the end of the day we don’t want people to say that they were overlooked for relief supplies, the Commission is very stringent when it comes to accountability and transparency and we ensure that all citizens that are affected, receive relief supplies,” Craig said.

He also advised that persons begin to put systems in place to prepare for events such as these, particularly where flooding is an annual occurrence. This can entail stockpiling food or keeping water purification items at hand.

He said “I want to advise people to be very conscious, we are living in an environment that’s being affected by climate change and temperature variation. Be very conscious and take risk reduction measures”

The supplies being provided are water purification and sanitation items along with food supplies which include rice, flour, sugar, oil, corned beef, sardines among other items. Those residents who did not receive supplies are asked to visit the district office with valid identification to uplift supplies.

The distribution of water purification and sanitation supplies started three days after the initial assessment.

By: Stephon Gabriel

Images: Karime Peters & Stephon Gabriel