Commodity prices remain stable at major markets – GMC

Prevailing retail prices as projected by the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) for the period March 17 to 23, indicate that non-traditional agricultural commodities remain stable at all major markets across the country.

GMC carried out checks at several markets including Kumaka, Anna Regina, Supernaam, Parika, Vreed-en-Hoop, Stabroek, Bourda, Mon Repos, Skeldon, and Rosignol.

Shoppers at the night market

When compared to the same period in January of this year, the average market price for Boulanger (medium) dropped by nearly 30 per cent, while other fresh produce such as cabbage dropped by 45 per cent, Ochro by 70 per cent, and tomatoes dropped by 106 per cent.

Staple produce such as cassava, eddoes, plantains, potatoes, and yams remain almost unchanged or saw a reduction in prices at some of the markets.

Stable Supply of non-traditional Agricultural commodities

GMC also confirmed that the prices for chicken, mutton, and pork remain unchanged, while beef and eggs dropped by nearlysix per cent and are readily available countrywide.

Notably, vegetables such as callaloo, lettuce, carrots, pumpkin, and squash have remained under $500 per pound respectively.

The Government of Guyana continues to accelerate its food security agenda and has allocated some $200 million in its 2023 budget for the expansion of the youth farming programme this year.

Guyanese can expect the stable trend to continue as farmers face more favourable weather conditions in the coming months and as interventions by the Ministry of Agriculture continue across the country, incentivising increased production.

Climate Smart Agriculture

In 2022, food production received some $38 billion which saw an increase in climate-smart agriculture as well as an increase in agro-processing facilities and training.

The innovations will increase the availability and shelf-life of local produce, while food production will continue to see further investments that will improve overall productivity. Moreover, food security continues to be a paramount policy initiative for the PPP/C Government.