Condemnation of US interference in Guyana’s elections.

Trump administration in no position to lecture Guyana’ – US Congressman Hakeem Jefferies

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 17, 2020

The United States Government is being called out for what has been described as its interference in the current electoral process in Guyana.

The results of Guyana’s March 2nd 2020 General and Regional Elections have not yet been declared, as the matter is again under judicial review.

In the meanwhile, the United States Government has been in the forefront calling for the present administration to concede, even as the matter is before the local Supreme Court.

United States Congressman Hakeem Jefferies who represents the eighth Congressional District of New York. The Congressman is also the Chairman of the Congressional Democratic Caucus.

Chairman of the Congressional Democratic Caucus, Congressman Hakeem Jefferies, has publicly condemned the actions by the US Administration saying that it had no business interfering in Guyana’s democratic process.

“The Trump administration is in no position to lecture Guyana or anyone else about democracy.” Congressman Hakeem Jefferies stated via Facebook.

He made it clear that concerning the outcome of the elections in Guyana, he had no opinion, and neither should the US government.

Adding, the US government under President Donald Trump has not promoted democracy but instead embraced dictators.

“The Trump administration has consistently embraced dictators and autocrats in countries like Brazil, North Korea, Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia. They have done nothing to promote democracy throughout the world.” Congressman Jefferies made clear.

He cautioned everyone looking on, that the dispute with Guyana’s contested parliamentary election is similar to that of the US during the aftermath of the 2000 presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore, and reiterated that there should be no foreign interference.

“Donald Trump regularly poisons the fabric of America’s democracy with his corrupt abuse of power and false claims of voter fraud.” Congressman Jefferies stated.

The outspoken Congressman represents the diverse eighth Congressional District of New York, an area that encompasses large parts of Brooklyn and a section of Queens. He is serving his fourth term in the United States Congress.

In 2018 he was elected to the position of Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus by his colleagues. In that capacity, he is the fifth highest-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives.