Consumers to receive correct quantity of pre-packaged items with launch of GNBS’ newest verification

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) will now be working to ensure that consumers receive the right quantity of pre-packaged items after making purchases.  

On Friday, the GNBS officially launched its newest verification of net contents of pre-packaged goods products sold by volume, count, frozen, aerosol, length, and products in brine or mass.

Head of the Legal and Metrology Department, Shailendra Rai said the objective of the programme is to ensure consumers receive the correct quantity of the product purchased and also to ensure equity in trade.

“We are going to be visiting the manufacturers to ensure that when they do the pre-packaging, they actually do it properly to ensure that they are using the right equipment and so forth, and we are going to be checking the packages coming off of the manufacturing line to ensure that the net content is actually accurate,”Rai stated.

(From left) Head of Legal and Metrology Department at the GNBS, Shailendra Rai, Executive Director (ag) Al Fraser and Communications Officer, Bibi Khatoon

The initiative also ensures that people who are packaging the products comply with the necessary regulations and requirements of the Weights and Measures Act.

Persons involved in the pre-packaging process must be trained in the use of measuring instruments (GNBS-approved) and the metric system which is the only legally accepted system. 

“We could prosecute any person found selling a pre-packaged good that is underweight or is short in terms of measurement, it’s an offense under the act to sell something that is below the net content,” Rai disclosed.

He noted that while checks have not yet been done at the manufacturing level, some issues were found at sale outlets.

“In preparation to launch this particular service, we would have done some groundwork at the sale outlet level, that is primarily at the supermarkets and what we find is that there are discrepancies. I can tell you in some cases, they were over and, in some cases, they were under.”

In cases where discrepancies are found, a non-conformity form will be issued and products will be placed on hold pending corrective action for which a time will be given to do so.