Contractors invited to participate in Lethem Housing Project

As part of an ongoing commitment to provide subsidised housing for hinterland residents under the Hinterland Housing Programme, the Ministry of Housing and Water, through the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) has issued a request for Expressions of Interest (EoIs) for the construction of flat two-bedroom clay-brick housing units in Lethem, Region Nine.

The project will see contractors financing the construction of units for beneficiaries who will be pre-qualified by CHPA for allocation, pending approval for financing from the banks involved in the process.

Housing and Water Minister, Collin Croal said several persons have already been qualified to benefit from the programme in Lethem. The housing programme will target Tabatinga, Culvert City and the government’s new housing development.

“So, we have over 400 persons who we were able to pre-qualify, who will be able to benefit from that programme. So, the next phase is the procurement, and that is the procurement for the materials as well as for the engagement with the contractors for the various persons to build those houses, or that would be involved in the building of those houses,” he explained.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal

According to the Expression of Interest released by CHPA, all clay bricks and timber, as well as payment for all other materials and labour, will be provided by CHPA.

The construction design will include an eight-inch-thick strip and pad foundation, reinforced concrete columns, five-inch-thick internal and external clay brick walls, four-inch-thick reinforced concrete floors, a toilet and bath with a septic tank, a zinc roof with gutters, and a low-level trestle with a storage tank.

Design contractors or developers desirous of participating in the opportunity are invited to submit their proposals to Shane Kishundat, Regional Housing Officer of Region Nine, Lot 48 Commercial Block, Lethem, Region Nine.

Proposals are required to contain a cover letter detailing the developer’s interest in participating in the partnership. The cover letter should also include the legal status of the interested party.

Also contained in the proposal must be the financial capability to undertake the construction of the houses, and the capability and experience of the contractor or developer.

The CHPA, on behalf of the government, will then assess the responses and select specific parties, who will then be invited to participate in the housing development, with applicable terms and conditions being provided.

All EoIs should be placed in a sealed envelope titled (“Flat Two (2) Bedroom Clay Brick Units with V-Roof (20′ x 25′)’ in Lethem, Region #9”) and deposited by the submission deadline to Regional Housing Office – Region 9, Lot 48 Commercial Block, Lethem, Region #9 by November 11, 2022.

For additional information, interested parties can also write to the Regional Housing Officer-Region 9, Central Housing and Planning Authority, or send an email titled ‘Request for Clarification: “Flat Two (2) Bedroom Clay Brick Units with V-Roof (20′ x 25′)’ in Lethem, Region #9”’ at