Cummings Park women empowering themselves


  • Green Life Floral project launched

DPI, Guyana, Friday, July 6, 2018

The women of Cummings Park, Sophia are seizing the opportunity to empower themselves with the establishment of a $3Million Green Life Floral project. This venture is being funded under the government’s Sustainable Livelihood and Entrepreneurial Development (SLED) programme.

The project, which was officially launched July 5, is being led by the Green Life Floral Co-operative Society Limited. The ten-member group was birthed out of First Lady Sandra Granger’s Success in Business and Self-reliance workshop held in the area in 2017.

The greenhouse project produces croton and other indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables and fruits that are sold to the residents and businesses within the area.

President of the group, Rohilda Glasgow explained that while the venture is in keeping with President David Granger ‘green state’ agenda, it also aims to teach the women, especially the single mother, to grow their own food to feed their families.

Glasgow said the group provides seedlings to the women as a start-up. She added “we are trying to teach them to use the local fruits to make things like fruit juice for their children. They can also use the natural fruit to sell juices and icicle. This will bring in an additional income for them because they will also have their vegetables to sell.”

Additionally, the group will be expanding to include catering, art and craft, sewing and cosmetology. Glasgow explained said that this training will target, particularly young people.

During brief remarks at the launching ceremony at the Cummings Park Multipurpose Centre, First Lady Sandra Granger congratulated the women of Cummings Park and Sophia for grasping the opportunity to educate and empower themselves and move into financial independence.

“I am happy to see this Green Life Floral takes wings as it were, because its not just a nursery and greenhouse where they will have the plants, but they are also looking at a sustainable livelihood.”

The First Lady encouraged the women to capitalise on the National School Feeding programme. “Once the programme is fully established, the group can apply for contracts to provide vegetables that the children will need for the preparation of their food. I am looking forward to you to participate fully in these kinds of the project which will bring money to you and the people of Sophia. Maybe you will even inspire for individuals to set up their own gardens and even get into livestock.”

The representative from the Ministry of Social Protection’s Projects Department, Tiffany Bobb, urged the residents to ‘keep the society and project alive. She noted that the investment made by the government is the start the group needed and “it is up to you keep the vehicle going, let good honesty and integrity be your fuel.”

Councillor Andrea Marks, who was instrumental in the establishment of the project, said: “this is just a start of what is to come for Cummings Park”. Marks disclosed that an office will be established where persons can make their purchases.

This project is one of 20 sustainable livelihood projects funded under the SLED project in 2017.

By: Synieka Thorne.