EBD villagers pleased with $35M road works

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has spent some $35 million to construct asphalt roads in several East Bank Demerara communities which will see about 1,400 residents benefiting.

The communities that benefitted are Somerset Court, the GuySuCo Scheme, Herstelling and Covent Garden. The works were started in November and concluded in December.

Minister within Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Hon. Anand Persaud

On Tuesday evening, Minister within Ministry, Hon. Anand Persaud and his team made a follow-up visit to the areas to inspect the works and to interact with residents.

Chairman of Little Diamond and Herstelling Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Mr. Puneet Jaigopaul told the Minister that he is grateful for the works, which have been a dream come true under the PPP/C Government.

Chairman of Little Diamond and Herstelling Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), Mr. Puneet Jaigopaul

“The areas that the Ministry selected to have built roads last year would have been neglected communities. Here is where residents were suffering and so these road developments have been a great benefit towards the residents especially when it comes to traffic in our community,” he said.

Mr. Shumangal Singh, who has been residing in Somerset Court for 15 years, said he is thankful to the PPP/C Government for meeting the needs of the people.   The man said he is the third resident of the gated community after the previous owners handed over management to the residents, and the roads have deteriorated over the years causing dust pollution and damaging vehicles.

Mr. Shumangal Singh, resident of Somerset Court

“At that time in 2006, Somerset Court was the first gated community, and we were proud to have it, you know. Many people used to come and were at awe at its beauty because of the road, persons stopped coming. So now, with these developments people can now start to modify their home to make it more beautiful in this community,” he told DPI.

Mr. Rathindranath (only name given) a resident of Covent Garden for 32 years, said the previous administration neglected the community.  “We were fighting for a long time and nothing had been done by the Government, but now everything has been done so fast thanks to the new Government,” he said.

Mr. Mohammed George, resident of Herstelling

Mr. Mohammed George, who has lived in Herstelling since 1950, said he “used to walk in pitch road and all of the kind of things and I am glad that road was done for us to walk on…It is a good road; I have nothing to criticise about.  

“The Government is doing a very good job and God must bless all of you because we did not have when I first lived here. At the time I use to bruise up my foot on brick, now the young generation will benefit from this road.”

GuySuCo Scheme resident, Mr. Ralph Mohammed, shared similar sentiments.

Speaking with DPI, Minister Persaud said he is quite pleased with the completed road works in each community, adding that it is just the beginning of what the residents can expect from the Government.

“The residents have assured us that they care the roads and there are adequate amounts of humps along the carriageway, which will alleviate people from speeding and for the safety of children,” he said.

Minister Persaud also said residents should expect much more development this year as the Government is just getting started.

“I would like to echo the sentiments of His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali where he said a 2021 transformation year for Guyana. So obviously, there is a lot of work to be done and we will deliver.”

The Minister’s engagement with the community was another demonstration of the Government keeping its manifesto promise of inclusive governance, through continuous engagement with the people.