Educators to benefit from script writing workshops

Several educators across the country are expected to benefit from a series of script writing workshops to help them prepare educational radio content to be aired by EdYou FM (99.7 FM).

EdYou FM radio station forms part of the education ministry’s mission to provide the nation’s youths with equitable access to education, despite their geographical location.

The workshops target educators at different levels in the core subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies.

National Centre for Educational Resources Development (NCERD), Acting Coordinator, Distance Learning and Information Unit, Ayanna Waddell said the training will equip participants with the necessary skills to craft radio content to capture the attention of young learners.

 This, she said, will then ensure that there are sufficient materials to be broadcast on the 24-hour radio station, once it is officially launched by June month-end.

Waddell said that while the agency has set no fixed number as it relates to training, it is an ongoing process with the intent to train as many teachers as possible.  Last year, several educators benefitted from this workshop, and from that batch, 11 teachers were selected to complete a two-week advanced scriptwriting workshop for 2022.

NCERD, Acting Coordinator, Distance Learning and Information Unit, Ayanna Waddell

Each training session was facilitated by Communications Specialist Dr Rovin Deodat.

“From this batch, we have one nursery, and the remainder were primary and secondary teachers to get some scripts out for the coming term.  So, in the future, we do hope to pull in more (teachers) because we want to start one for teachers who would have not written before, and give them the kind of training and techniques that these teachers know,” Waddell stated.

So far, materials for primary level core subjects are covered with an aim to do the same for nursery and secondary level core subjects.

“For us now, it’s building both the nursery and secondary because we had nothing in the past for them, but with the new radio station and the scope and reach that we have, we know we need to capture all the levels, so for the secondary schools, it’s now getting everything on stream basically for us because we are starting from scratch,” she noted.