GNRSC ups awareness in face of rising road fatalities

GUYANA, GINA, Tuesday, February 14, 2017

There are already 13 road fatalities for the year thus far, the same number for the corresponding period for last year. In face of this high number of road deaths, the Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC), with stakeholder agencies is heightening its awareness campaign.

An interested passer-by in discussion with one of the Guyana National Road Safety Council members

Today, the council, in collaboration with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the West Demerara Road Safety Association, held its first awareness session for 2017 in the vicinity of the Stabroek Square.

Coordinator of the GNRSC, Romona Doorgen noted that re-educating the public about the traffic laws is very important, and that raising awareness is what needs to be done in order to preserve lives.

“We think education and re-education is very important. Sometimes the crisis in our lives make us forget that there are rules that we should follow, and this is what the road safety council, the Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department and the West Demerara Road Safety Association, this is what we are here to do,”  Doorgen explained.

Vice Chairman of the West Demerara Road Safety Association, Shahab Hack

Coordinator of the Guyana National Road Safety Council, Romona Doorgen

is urging drivers to adhere to the traffic laws. Hack stated that, “We are pleading with drivers to exercise the five Cs (caution, courtesy, consideration, care and commonsense) on our roadways, and to desist from speeding as much as possible and more so, DUI, drinking under the influence of alcohol.”

The Government Information Agency (GINA) spoke to a few pedestrians about their thoughts of the awareness campaign. Marcia Dickson said, “I am glad for this experience, this activity they have here because as a teacher I would like to, for my students to be more informed so this is a great activity and I think they should do more of this throughout the country.”

Seeta Persaud said that the campaign helps persons to know more about the traffic laws. Persaud stated, “you can be able to tell somebody this is not so, especially when you’re crossing the pedestrian crossing. Sometimes you go to cross and the vehicle coming; you could be able to tell them, they have to stop once you are crossing, so it’s a very good idea.”

According to Hack, awareness campaigns will continue throughout the year and within schools in an effort to preserve lives and reduce road accidents.


By: Isaiah Braithwaite