Gov’t has a solid track record of development in Region 10 – Min. Edghill

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill on Monday, emphasised that the PPP/C Administration has a solid track record of development in Region Ten, as he addressed recent criticisms made by the opposition attempting to discredit the administration’s development efforts in the region, specifically Linden.

The minister, who was speaking following a walkabout in the mining town, pointed to recent comments by the PNC-led APNU representative in Linden, Sharma Solomon.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill during a walkabout in Linden, Region 10 on Monday

“What he was seeking to do was to say that Amelia’s Ward was not developed under the PPP/C and Block 22 was not developed under the PPP/C. I would just like all of the residents of Amelia’s Ward and all the residents of Block 22 to please pick up your title, please pick up your letters that you got from the Central Housing and Planning Authority that give you access to your lands and just read the date and when you read the date you will know that it is a date after 1992, and before 2015  and that is before the APNU/AFC went into office. We have a track record that we can boast on, so if you don’t believe me just simply ask your neighbour to bring out your title,” Minister Edghill stated.

Making reference to the 1000-homes initiative in Linden, Minister Edghill reminded that after large deposits of bauxite was found in the first selected area, Millie’s Hideout, the government sought an alternative location to fulfill the promise of constructing the 1,000 homes.

He reemphasised the government’s commitment of continuing the development it started since assuming office in August 2020.

The minister and his team visited the local markets where they interacted with vendors and other residents and shared the vision for the region.

He made it clear that a combative and hate-driven political environment will not benefit the people of Linden.

“Everybody in Linden is seeing what is happening and we are asking the people to put development before politics come out of that tribal thinking that because you are Afro-Guyanese, and you are a Lindener you got to support the PNC/ APNU, read our flyer , read our commitments,” he urged.

These include infrastructure improvements such as road rehabilitation, installation of street lights, landscape beautification, construction of sidewalks and bridges, as well as the desilting of drains and dredging of creeks to enhance the drainage system.

Government also aims to develop the tourism potential of Linden, including the transformation of the waterfront and the beautification of landmarks such as the water wheel in Christianburg.

Plans to enhance the management of town hall facilities, markets, among other projects, form part of the government’s transformative agenda for the town and region.