Gov’t invests millions in tractors, trailers, subventions for several NDCs

Several Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) have been boosted with the provision of tractors and trailers, following interventions by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development.

Minister Dharamlall handing over the tractor keys to members of the Hauraruni/Yarrowkabra NDC

Minister, Nigel Dharamlall, along with a team from his ministry, delivered the machinery to Hauraruni/Yarrowkabra, Lamaha/Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke, Caledonia/Good Success, Little Diamond/Herstelling, Mocha/Arcadia, and Eccles/Ramsburg on Friday.

Minister Dharamlall handing over a subvention cheque to Lamaha/Yarrowkabra Chair, Floyd Smith

This is the fulfilment of a commitment made by President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

Each tractor is valued at some $5.8 million.

Minister Dharamlall meeting with the Eccles/Ramsburg NDC, to discuss residents’ concerns

Minister Dharamlall noted that, “We have 120 tractors in the country that came for the 70 NDCs, 10 towns, and we will also have to provide to other local government bodies, including the RDCs, so that they can be able to enhance the quality of service that they provide for communities.”

The minister called on councillors to be cognisant of the major investment needed for the purchase of the machinery and to take proper care of them.

The local government minister also handed over cheques valued at $2.5 million to each NDC Chair, as well as to the Grove/Diamond NDC, as subvention for the provision of infrastructural and developmental works to be done in each NDC.

Minister Dharmlall engaging Mocha/Arcadia NDC Chairman, Rudolph Adams, on issues affecting the community

These subventions, however, are only the first of multiple installments being provided to each NDC.

Chairperson of the Hauraruni/Yarrowkabra NDC, Devern Simmons, expressed appreciation for the contributions.

“Our NDC is non-rateable, so all funding come in mainly from the ministry. And it is always welcomed, because the area is so large, and there is so much to do, given the terrain, so all help coming through is much needed,” she expressed.

Chairman of the Lamaha/Yarrowkabra NDC, Floyd Smith, said the tractor will be especially beneficial for those who farm within the community.

Kalowtee Persaud, Vice Chair of the Soesdyke NDC, said that the tractor will assist greatly in cleanup activities around the community—a sentiment which multiple NDC chairs echoed in their remarks.

While some NDCs committed to using funds for general infrastructural development, others like the Lamaha/Yarrowkabra NDC will utilise the funds for street lighting, drainage and infrastructure.

Soesdyke will allocate its subvention for the purchase of a miniature excavator, and Caledonia/Good Success will utilise its funds for the construction of culverts and drainage facilities in the area.