GTT observes International Girls in ICT Day

Georgetown; GUYANA; April 27, 2020: A number of young girls were on Friday given the opportunity to interact with several of GTT’s women in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) via an online platform, as the company observed International Girls in ICT Day.

The one-hour webinar was aimed at inspiring the next generation of girls to consider careers in ICT while offering clarity on misconceptions about the sector.

The virtual interactive session also allowed the presenters the opportunity to explain their roles at GTT and share from their experiences in the ICT sector.

“This is the first time we hosted an activity of this nature and attendance and interaction was encouraging. We invited staff to have their children – particularly girls – join and be a part of the event so they can benefit from the information and ask questions,” said Coordinator of the event, Diana Gittens.

Among those presenting were Quality Lead Auditor at GTT, Tiffany Andrade; Junior Business Analyst, Tisel Patterson; Senior Service Center Clerk, Michelle Evans and CEO of BitX, Malini Gourida.

The internal activity includes an essay writing competition on the topic “Girls in ICT: The Future Me”.

International Girls in ICT Day 2020 was observed under the theme: “Girls in ICT: Inspiring the Next Generation.”