Guyana\ Brazil border reopens – 5 days per week travel allowed

The recent reopening of the Guyana/ Brazil border is just one of the many steps taken by the government to ensure that economic productivity continues amidst the pandemic.

Recalling the effects, the pandemic has caused in the Lethem, Region Nine, President of the Rupununi Chambers of Commerce, Mr. Daniels Gajie said that the government of Guyana has been playing a critical role in terms of relief efforts to support the community.

Photo of the sanitization of cars at the Guyana/Brazil border

“If it wasn’t for the support given by the Government of Guyana financially to Region Nine, I believe we would have been in a very very serious economic and social situation. So that has certainly helped boost the economy,” he said.

Mr. Gajie stated that majority of the villages in the region depend solely on eco-tourism for their livelihoods and due to the pandemic, there was a huge decline in business.

He also spoke of the dependence of the business sector of that region on the customers coming out of Brazil.

“Eighty per cent of our economy depend on Brazilian customers and they have been coming here for the last eight, nine years specially to purchase cheap commodities,” he said.

Photo of persons undergoing sanitization at the Guyana/Brazil border

He noted that the re-opening of the borders will facilite the conducting of business and other activities, benefiting both countries.

“We are looking at it, I believe authorities on both ends are happy, residents and businesses especially are happy, and I don’t see us returning to that full closure unless there’s a serious increase of the COVID-19 virus. The stats on both sides are encouraging,” he said.

Meanwhile, residents of the area stated how pleased they are with the reopening of the border as it will allow them to continue their regular activities.

“I really appreciate it because it’s really important for us on both sides because you know, both countries need each other, you know, to do what they have to do,” said Mrs. Tessa.

Mr. Carlos Rahaman who is one of the team members responsible for the sanitisation of persons and of vehicles at the Guyana/ Brazil border shared what that process entails.

“We as the sanitising team, we sanitise in and out the vehicles and persons in the vehicles… This is due to the border opening, we are trying to make sure we sanitise so that we will be safe on our side… Most of the time vehicles start coming at seven so we try to be out here as early as possible, so when vehicles start to come, we have the health team out here,” he said.