Guyana’s cultural dance shine at CARIFESTA XIII

DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, August 22, 2017

As CARIFESTA XIII continues the Guyanese contingents continue to take the festival by storm with their thrilling performances.

The Guyana National School of Dance took to the stage Monday night at the Frank Collymore Hall, Spry Street Bridgetown, Barbados, with a variety of dances representing Guyana’s rich cultural diversity from the African, Indian, folk, masquerade and classical dances among others.

Members from the Guyana National School of Dance showcasing our country’s culture and bright colours in a classical dance.

The performances were alive with Guyana’s rich dance culture on display, spanning our unique heritage. Several Guyanese as well as overseas visitors all gathered to witness the magnificent event.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) spoke with Barbadian Jennifer Sealy, Artistic Director, Dance in Africa, Barbados. Though this was not the first time she saw the National Dance Company perform, she was still very impressed with Guyana’s approach to every dance, especially the Ole Higue story.

Sealy said “you had quite a number of pieces that caused the dancers to interpret the work and a fine taste of religious cultures. I keep hearing that Guyana is a land of six races and this was brought out tonight. I came here for half an hour performance and I wasn’t disappointed at all.”

Guyanese, Gentian Miller, who is also part of the contingent is extremely proud to be Guyanese at a time like this. Miller rated Guyana’s performance as extraordinary and wonderful. “It was way beyond expectations, the National Dance Company always gives their best and I’m sure all who came out here had fun. I am so proud of my beautiful Guyana,” she said.

Some of the Guyanese dancers, Tevona Cole, Jerusha Dos Santos and Keyon Warren expressed their excitement to represent Guyana at such an extravagant event.

Cole is overjoyed to be fulfilling her dream of participating in a CARIFESTA. She said “I’m so excited to be here and to

Members from the Guyana National School of Dance showcasing Guyana’s rich cultural diversity from the African, Indian, folk, classical and masquerade dances among others at the Frank Collymore Hall in Barbados.

perform on a stage at CARIFESTA, this is a dream came through and our remaining performances will be a sight to behold.”

Warren is the only masquerade dancer on board, though this is not his first CARIFESTA, He feels amazed yet again to be representing Guyana and promises to bring lots more exhilarating performances, “well you know I do my thing, everybody who knows me knows I give my best every time and I will continue to make Guyana proud.”

Well Dos Santos has been dancing with the National Dance Company for many years. She told DPI that the Company has been in existence for over 25 years and it is wonderful that “such an institution can participate in CARIFESTA. “I’m proud and happy and Guyana is definitely the best country with this variety and all. We got lots more in store at CARIFESTA and we will give our best. Thanks to those who have been supporting and may you continue to support us.”

Guyana is scheduled for a fashion display and steel pan drumming this evening at Combermere and Christ Church Foundation School respectively. The contingents will continue to thrill audiences while promoting and showcasing our rich Guyanese culture.


By: Ranetta La Fleur