Guyanese must reaffirm their commitment to addressing environmental issues

The environment plays a crucial role in our wellbeing and as such Guyanese are urged to reaffirm their commitment to addressing environmental issues in the country.

This was emphasised during Region Three’s Regional Democratic Council interfaith service and brunch held on Sunday to kick-start the week of activities for World Environment Day.

Principal Environmental Health Officer of the Ministry of Health, Nayan Persaud speaking at the World Environment Day interfaith service and brunch

Held in the boardroom of the Demerara Regional Hospital, Principal Environmental Health Officer at the Ministry of Health, Nayan Persaud stressed that health workers should pay more attention to their environment and how it impacts their work.

“It is important for us to understand the connection that the environment has with our health and that the state of our environment directly impacts our well-being. Therefore, it is crucial for us as health professionals to understand the importance of environmental preservation,” Persaud stated.

Senior Environmental Officer, Ian Shamsudeen at the event

Additionally, Senior Environmental Officer, Ian Shamsudeen noted that Guyanese should play a more crucial role in the way they care for their environment.

“To commemorate World Environment Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to addressing desertification, drought, and land degradation through restoration efforts. We can implement and support restoration projects, engage and support local initiatives that are aimed at restoring degraded lands,” the environmental officer explained.

Persons in attendance at the event

Acknowledging that there is much work to be done in the local environment, Shamsudeen noted that working together can help to transform degraded landscapes into thriving ecosystems that will foster food security in the country. 

Also present was the Regional Health Officer (RHO), Erica Forte who also stressed the need for better care of the local environment, both on land and sea.

The Becian Stars Youth Federation of the Guyana Conference of SDAs participated in the World Environment Day walk in Berbice on Sunday

World Environment Day will be celebrated on June 5 and activities planned for the week include a health walk, a talk about the environment, and a tree planting exercise, among other activities.

To commemorate the event, walks were held this morning in several regions. An exhibition was also held at the National Park by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).