GWI Embarks on Countrywide Holiday Disconnection Campaign

The Guyana Water Incorporated will be recommencing its countrywide disconnection campaign in time for the holiday season.

The campaign, dubbed ‘Let it Flow and Keep the Glow’, is targeting customers with outstanding balances as well as current charges.

To avoid disconnection, customers are urged to settle all payments at any GWI Office or authorized payment agency countrywide (these include SurePay, MMG, Bill Express, Post Offices, Scotiabank, Republic Bank, GBTI and Citizens Bank). Once disconnected, GWI cannot guarantee reconnection within seven working days.

To accommodate customers, GWI has extended its opening hours beyond weekdays and therefore will be opened to facilitate payments on December 4, 11 and 18 from 9:00hrs – 14:00hrs.

GWI has recorded a significant increase in its water production and usage since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has resulted in a much higher production cost. Revenues however, have not been consistent with this increased consumption.  

As a result, the utility is forced to roll out this disconnection campaign with the aim of recovering its operational cost.

The ‘Let it Flow and Keep the Glow’ disconnection campaign is expected to run from December 1 to 30.

Customers can query their account balances by contacting GWI’s Customer Call Centre on 227-8701, WhatsApp 620-1667 or their local GWI office.