IAST’s green shack to  be launched at UG soon

GINA, GUYANA, Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST), with support from the Ministry of Presidency will be launching an innovative initiative, the green shack at the University of Guyana Campus, Turkeyen.

The innovative showcase, “The Green Shack” located at the University of Guyana Campus

This project will help persons to reduce the impact of their daily activities on the environment.

The green shack is a building powered by green energy, and will be showcasing IAST’s projects and products. Persons will be enlightened on how they can become involved in the process of ensuring a green sustainable future for Guyana.

The Director of IAST, Professor Suresh Narine said that, “the green shack is there to excite and ignite the minds of not only young people but entrepreneurs, to get involved in commercialisation related to green products, which, if done right, has tremendous returns on investment.”

This initiative is one that is much needed and the institution is satisfied it is helping the country move forward, Dr. Narine said

The IAST is an industrial research organisation whose mandate is to develop and/or adapt appropriate technology for the utilisation of Guyana’s natural resources, so that these resources can be gainfully developed and exploited for the country’s benefit.

The institute receives an annual subvention from the government. Some $20M was allotted this year for IAST.

Some of IAST projects include research into the production of biogas, rice cereals, fish feeds, essential oils, natural soaps, food products, orange marmalade and compressed clay blocks.

On a visit to the institute, Minister of State Joseph Harmon had expressed satisfaction that IAST’s mandate is similar to government’s aim with regards to the environment and economic development of the nation.


By: Zanneel Williams

A preview of inside the Green Shack at the University of Guyana Campus

A preview of inside the Green Shack at the University of Guyana Campus


Some of the products produced by the Institute of Applied Science and Technology