“It is our time to shine” – Min. Teixeira tells Region Seven residents during flag raising ceremony

As Guyana celebrates its 53rd Republic Anniversary, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira has reflected on the country’s journey over those 53 years.

The minister, who was delivering the feature address at the Region Seven flag raising ceremony on Wednesday at the Bartica Community Centre Ground recalled, “We have had real ups and downs as a country over the 53 years. We have had good times, we have had bad times, ugly times, violent times.”

However, Minister Teixeira expressed, “I believe this time, 2023, is our time. It is our time to shine.”

Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, Gail Teixeira

The minister said it is now time for residents to focus on the opportunities that are becoming available, as she called on them to disregard those who try to create division in the region.

“We concentrated a lot on what our ethnicity is, and sometimes we forget about what makes us One Guyana…it is the fact that we live in this beautiful land and we can all make it a better place for everyone in it.

“We don’t have time with those who want to divide us…for those who want to divide us on politics, on race, on class, [or] on gender…we see betterment, we see hope, we see opportunities,” she asserted.

The government will continue to play its role, Minister Teixeira recommitted, as she outlined significant projects that will see the upskilling and improvement of the lives of Region Seven residents.

Work has commenced for the creation of a new dumpsite, as the need for proper solid waste disposal increases in the region.

The Board of Industrial Training has provided training programmes that have seen scores of Barticians upskilling themselves for the increased demand in labour.

Shortly, the part-time jobs programme will be launched in the region that will see some 500 residents being able to obtain a source of income.

This, Minister Teixeira said, forms part of the government’s vision to improve the lives of all citizens.

The governance minister believes that once there is unity, development will inevitably follow.

“I bring you, on this 53rd anniversary of our republic, a message of opportunity, of hope, of change, that we can make the change as a people,” she stated