‘It saves me a lot of time and it is much safer’- Prospect residents happy for new $31.6M bridge

Residents of Prospect, East Bank Demerara are now beneficiaries of a new $31.6 million bridge providing much-needed relief and a significant infrastructural boost to the community.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) visited the community on Tuesday afternoon and spoke to several residents and business owners, who lauded the initiative as timely and a great ease.

Basdeo, a supplier related, “It was not good like this here, I had two minds stepping on the bridge here because of the way it used to be. You know very scared. This thing [truck] has a lot of weight, very scared to cross it but now seems to be comfortable. I feel safe.”

A resident, Vijay Harnarina said, “It was very hard because you can only do the three streets because you have to go around to the other bridge and sometimes when you go around to the other bridge it is a lot of confusion because some car does wait and some don’t wait, but it’s very easy now because when you done now you come over and so the three street and gone. So, it’s less time-consuming.”

Travis McPherson, another resident, shared similar sentiments. “Well, it was very difficult to traverse through this area because the bridge was old and because you couldn’t cross here you had to go at least two streets away and then by is a one way you had to go right away round so it was very time-consuming. It is better for me because it saves me a lot of time and it is much safer.”

Meanwhile, Lilian Marshall a teacher of 18 years noted that the previous wooden bridge could only accommodate one-way transportation.

“But this new bridge here was a great initiative because two lanes of transportation can pass. It is safer for them to cross the bridge, it’s unlikely that they will fall over into the gutter because there are now rails on the bridge and it’s unlikely that teachers’ heels will fall into the groove. So, it’s a great initiative,” Ms Marshall stated.

The bridge, which was completed within just three months, was constructed by Dundas Construction Inc. It has been a much-awaited development for the residents particularly primary and secondary school students and teachers, who were facing significant challenges with transport and mobility due to the previous condition of the bridge.

Local businesses in the area are significantly boosted as the new route has improved access, making it easier for delivery trucks and other vehicles to transport goods and products to and from the area.

In addition to the direct benefits to the community, the completion of the new bridge has also brought significant economic benefits to the area. The improved infrastructure has made it more attractive for businesses to invest, creating new job opportunities and boosting the local economy.

This is all part of the PPP/C Administrations’ efforts to improve community roads and bridges to accommodate growth in population and traffic while fostering infrastructural development across Guyana.