‘It will ease my pocket’ – Region Three parents welcome ‘Because We Care’ cash grant

Parents and guardians of students attending schools across Region Three have welcomed the government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant, which they said will offset educational expenses for their children.

The distribution of the grant commenced Monday morning and the Department of Public Information (DPI) visited several schools on the west side, where parents and guardians expressed their appreciation.

Single parent, Troy Houte said the grant will help him to meet the needs of his three children.

Troy Houte with his ‘Because We Care’ cash grant

“I am collecting $120,000 with three kids as a single parent. This money is going to help me a lot in terms of getting the school stuff for the kids and everything,” an elated Houte said.

For Carmen Bangett the financial aid, “will help a lot by providing their meals and their snack money and also uniforms and their boots and bags.”

Carmen Bangett

Another parent, Sopheina Lawrence emphasised, “I am collecting cash grant for three children this year and that money is going to help me in terms of getting the necessaries.”

A teacher by profession, Lawrence told DPI that the grant will also aid in purchasing materials for various assignments since children are usually tasked with such daily.

DPI also caught up with Dyson Mottilall, who noted that the money will bring great ease to his pocket.

“I’m collecting $120,000 for three of my kids, and this money here will be very helpful, at least it will ease my pocket,” he said.

Meanwhile, said her children will soon have their heart’s desire with the purchase of a computer.

Some of the parents waiting to uplift the cash grant

“It will do a lot for me because right now I’m going and buy a printer for my kids and a computer because for their school work, they have to do a lot of printing and so on.”

The ‘Because We Care’ cash grant is another commitment made by the government, through the Ministry of Education, which aims to cushion the cost of living.

Each child registered in public and private schools will receive a $35,000 grant, together with $5,000 for school uniforms and other supplies.

The government has committed to increasing the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant to $50,000 by 2025.