Joseph Haynes Law School Shareholders Agreement Signed

Over the period of three (3) days, June 18-20, 2018 the Honourable Attorney General, Basil Williams, S.C, M.P and members of the local Joseph Haynes Law School (JHLS) committee met with representatives of the Jamaica joint venture partners. The representatives were Professor Dennis Gayle, Executive Chancellor of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, UCC; Dr. David Wan, Group Finance Director, UCC; Mr. Courtney Wynter, Chairman of the Board, Law College of the Americas (LCA); and Mrs. Marcelle Donaldson, Attorney-at-Law. The visit was specifically aimed to finalize and sign the shareholders’ Agreement for the JHLS.

The JHLS created for this purpose met with the representatives on Monday, June 18, 2018 to hammer out the final details of the Agreement. The representatives continued to meet, with the Honourable Attorney General, who represented the Government of Guyana’s interest.

The team worked relentlessly to ensure that the result was an agreement acceptable by all parties. After careful consideration and collaboration, the agreement was signed and witnessed by representatives of the parties involved. The shareholders’ Agreement together with the Feasibility Study and Related Business Plan will be submitted to the Council of Legal Education (CLE).