Long wait over for house lot applicant following commitment by Minister Rodrigues

For almost 20 years, Ms. Janki Singh has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to receive a house lot to become a homeowner. Her wait will soon be over following a commitment by Minister within Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, MP, during her recent outreach in Region Six.

Janki explained that in 1999, she had applied to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) for a house lot and got a response shortly after, however, due to unforeseeable circumstances, this did not come to fruition.

Minister within Ministry of Housing and Water, Susan Rodrigues, MP, engaging Ms. Janki Singh

“Sometime after, I applied for my land in Georgetown. They called and give me a house lot but the price they were calling for that land was high and I could not pay for it.  I had small children at that time so I could not and then I had two deaths in the family, one being my son.

“But I did ask them if I could pay some of the monies but they refused and told me that I needed to pay in full so I left it alone for the time being,” she explained.

The untimely death of her son had also caused Ms. Singh to relocate to the East Berbice- Corentyne Region as her financial situation was unfavourable.  Despite these changes, she said she remained in contact with the CH&PA, expressing her desire to obtain a house lot. This included a request for transferal to secure a lot in Region Four.

“I have been renting for a long time and so now I really want to get my land so that I can live near to my family in Georgetown.”

Ms. Janki Singh

Minister Rodrigues empathised with Ms. Singh, noting that she has indeed waited for far too long.

“I will ensure that your application is being looked after so that you have it before the end of this year. You have an old application so I will address this right away,” the minister assured Ms. Singh.

Ms. Singh expressed her gratitude to Minister Rodrigues for this assurance, adding that her presence in the region was welcomed.

“I am honoured that I got the opportunity to speak to her because I had to update everything but thank god that she was here and could read it to see that nothing transferred. I was just worried about why I did not get a call from the Housing Ministry about my application, so I thank god because she saved me from spending money to go to Georgetown.”

She added that the PPP/C Government continues to do a good job to help its citizens in every sector.

The Administration committed in its manifesto to allocate 50,000 house lots during its five years in office which would see a significant reduction in the backlog of housing applications.


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