Mabaruma town council to employ youth and sport officer

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, October 11, 2017

In an effort to promote and encourage youth and sport development, the Mabaruma town council will be engaged in a number of events designed to keep youths actively involved. In this regard, a Youth and Sport Officer will be employed.

Town Clerk of Mabaruma, Barrington Ward told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the officer will basically be responsible for promoting youth and sport activities in the sub-region whilst spearheading the development of grounds and playfields in the area.

Barrington Ward, Town Clerk, Mabaruma.

“The council is moving very swiftly to employ as early as possible a youth and sports officer who will be responsible for complete training, sports, and other activities in the town. It is very vital because we realise that our expectation lies in creating a capital then we need to concentrate on the young ones,” Ward noted.

The town council has recognised that the young people are the region’s greatest asset. However, they require skills training and development of abilities in order to contribute to the region’s development, especially, as it steps in the direction of a green town.

Ward added, “We are very concerned about the young people because in terms of leadership and direction that they are going now we need to have our hands on them very quickly.”

The town council is also working towards enhancing grounds and playfields. Areas earmarked include the Mabaruma Settlement ground, Hosororo Playfield, Silver Hill Playfield in addition to others that are to be identified.




By: Delicia Haynes