Major road upgrade for Region Two

A $61 million road maintenance project is currently underway in the Pomeroon-Supenaam (Region Two) which will improve traffic flow on the public road.

The infrastructural work being executed by the Ministry of Public Works stretches from Supenaam to Charity and is slated for completion in October.

Regional Vice-Chairman, Humace Oudit

Speaking with DPI, Regional Vice-Chairman, Humace Oudit said the road works will enhance the region’s aesthetics. It will also ease the burden of farmers who need access to their respective farmlands.

Oudit said the series of road works undertaken in the region is in keeping with the government’s effort to expand the country’s physical infrastructure and improve connectivity.

The Vice-Chairman expressed gratitude to the government for recognising this need.

“The contractors being used by the Public Works (Ministry) are doing well. From interactions with drivers, who use the public road daily, (they) are very much pleased that these works are undergoing since it allows for better driveway so that they reach to their respective destination safely,” Oudit said.

A view of the works being undertaken on the public road in Region Two

During a visit to the region last month, Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, had said the road works are in keeping with the government’s commitment to ensure every community benefis from infrastructure and social development. This is evident in the transformation that can be seen over the past year in Region Two.

Over the last few months, the region has benefitted from a series of road construction and rehabilitation works worth close to $200 million. Roads in communities such as Golden Fleece Estate, Good Hope, Affiance and Cullen, among others were upgraded.

Some $23.7 billion was allocated for the government’s road programmes in 2021. Of this amount, $7.9 billion will go towards the development of community roads, of which $2.1 billion has been earmarked for hinterland roads and the rehabilitation of hinterland airstrips.