Men on Mission: Region 8 men urged to take on responsibilities

Men of Region 8 were cajoled to be at the forefront, setting the pace to combat toxic masculinity and foster sustainable solutions for issues that plague men and boys.

The call was made by Natural Resources Minister, Vickram Bharrat, as he delivered a charge to the ‘Men on Mission’ participants in Region 8 on Saturday.

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat

The Men on Mission initiative, conceived by President Dr Irfaan Ali, is designed to foster sustainable partnerships among Guyana’s men to frontally address the challenges faced by men and boys. It will promote training and mentorship, consultations, and economic opportunities.

Minister Bharrat stressed that to properly address the issue, we must first recognize and identify the challenges faced by men and boys.

Moreover, he noted that it is time for men to step forward and desist from the reinforcement of principles of toxic masculinity, urging them to normalize seeking help in times of torment.

Minister Bharrat assisting in the unveiling of the new sign

The Natural Resources minister pressed that this breakdown in society requires commitment and persistent efforts to alleviate. He stressed that this initiative is a step forward in the right direction towards fostering an improved, healthy society for the future generation.

The minister said, “We must accept that there is a breakdown in society, mainly because of the men not living up to their responsibilities. We have to take that responsibility, and we have to accept that there is a problem. If we don’t accept it, it means that we are going in the wrong direction.”

Minister Bharrat also emphasized the importance of implementing mentorship programs to guide young men to pursue paths conducive to development.

The newly commissioned ‘I Love Mahdia’ sign in region 8

“This country needs every single person, regardless of any differences that exist among us. We are Guyanese, and this is our home. That is why the President is focusing on the One Guyana initiative. In order for us to move our country forward, the One Guyana initiative is important. That is the only way we can build a country that will be good for everyone,” he said.

Additionally, Minister Bharrat assisted in the unveiling of a new “I Love Mahdia” sign, in keeping with government’s commitment to boost tourism and foster economic development in the region.