Minister Dharamlall outlines 2022 budget plans for Moshabo village

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, MP, at a recent consultation with residents of Moshabo, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) outlined the government’s 2022 budget plans for developments in the village.

Among projects to be addressed in next year’s budget includes rehabilitation works on a number of government buildings in the village, and provision of computers, laptops and televisions for various programmes.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, MP.

“A set of projects we planned for Moshabo, and I can tell you that these things we have budgeted them for next year; the washroom facilities at the village council, some laptop computers, tablets and so forth for teachers and students.

Because a big issue is electricity, we have to look at some television systems for some additional households, rehabilitation of the teachers’ quarters, we have to train more teachers from the community as well, the primary school right here, we got to do some work on it, we will do some work on it next year, as well as your health post and the landing,” Minister Dharamlall told villagers.

He added that with developments and expansion in the various sectors, persons will be exposed to more economic opportunities.

Minister Dharamlall reiterated the government’s commitment to Guyanese for equal opportunities in every community.

Residents of Moshabo in the meeting.

Since the PPP/C took office in 2020, the village has benefitted from a number of initiatives including a $10 million economic grant from the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, $25, 000 COVID-relief cash grant, and school cash grants, among others.

Meanwhile, the minister urged residents to get vaccinated, since it is the best way to overcome the ongoing pandemic.

“That’s the only thing really saving lives right now, because we can’t keep staying home all the time. Your life has to go on and now you get extension, you gonna want to do more businesses, if you doing logging you gonna have to carry your lumber out to sell, business has to go on, so think about it seriously,” the minister urged.