Minister Manickchand promises resolution to Richmond Village woes

as two-day Cabinet outreach gets underway

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, MP, on Friday assured residents of Richmond Village, Essequibo, Region Two, that the Government will work to resolve the issues in the community.

Minister Manickchand met with residents of the village, as part of a wider two-day Cabinet outreach to the region.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand addressing residents of Richmond Village, Essequibo Coast during the ongoing Cabinet outreach to the region.

Among the issues raised by residents were improper drainage systems, incomplete infrastructural projects, and economic loss following the recent countrywide flooding, among others.

“Sometimes these things are not only money, we’re trying to get the right people to come and do it…we’re writing all of this down and tonight we’re going to look at what each and every issue is and how we can resolve it, now not everything could get fixed overnight,” the minister told the residents.

She said the Government will continue to visit communities across the country to speak and listen to the concerns of residents.

Residents of Richmond Village, Essequibo Coast, listen to Education Minister, Priya Manickchand.

“I think every problem has a solution so we just have to find that solution and then half the times sitting in an office trying to get solutions is the worst plan.

“You are the people who can best tell us what solution would be, which is why we’re here talking to you and…hearing from you, if you listened to me just now it was what do you think the solution would be not us imposing one on you,” the education minister said.

Meanwhile, some parents and guardians told DPI that they are disappointed in teachers who are not taking the COVID-19 vaccine. They said teachers should be vaccinated in order to protect themselves and others.

Parent, Ms.Valenti Rambarran said teachers should take their vaccine to protect themselves against the deadly Coronavirus.

Residents of Richmond Village, Essequibo Coast, listen to Education Minister, Priya Manickchand.

“I [would] like for all the teachers them to get the vaccine because my children them want to go back to school and right now me already give me children them the vaccine…and I glad if the teachers them take it too because it would benefit for them and benefit for everybody,” she said.

Grandmother, Ms. Bibi Ally said she feels her grandchildren are unsafe in the school where teachers are unvaccinated. She said they must be vaccinated in order to take care of the students.

“For me teachers that did not take the vaccine, I do not feel safe with my kids, grandchildren…and at least as parents I feel that all teachers should be vaccinated because they are the ones who have to take care of the kids, and when they are not vaccinated, then how they can take care of your kids?” the grandmother questioned.

The minister met with persons at the residence of Ms. Bibi Ally in the Richmond community.