More region nine communities receive solar PV home systems

Households in a number of communities across region nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo) were empowered with access to reliable, stable electricity as solar home systems were distributed.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud recently visited the communities of Achiwuib, Rupunau and Karaudanau, where he distributed a collective 446 solar panels to benefit each household in these communities.

The facilities will also enable the children in the communities to learn more efficiently, with access to more resources.

In Achiwuib, some 134 panels were distributed, while 75 panels were distributed in Rupunau. Karaudanau residents received 237 panels.

The local government minister reminded that, as Guyana undergoes massive transformation, it is important that citizens in every community across the country work in harmony to usher in the modernised socioeconomic layout, against the backdrop of President Ali’s One Guyana platform.

“The only way we can build a one Guyana is if all of us put our backs to the wheel. Tremendous development is taking place in this country, and it will grow every month, and every year. It is unbelievable what is happening in Guyana,” the minister said.

He assured residents in each village that they would not be left behind in the development of the country.

As the government continues to build out the infrastructure, as well as educational and health facilities to support this vision, the rights and livelihoods of indigenous communities remain a top priority. Hence, the distribution of these systems ensures that indigenous people are kept abreast with the changing times. Access to electricity in the Amerindian villages complements the investments being made in expanding the reach of information and communication technology (ICT) so that connectivity is an amenity that can be enjoyed by Guyana’s first people.

Additionally, in accordance with the Low Carbon Development Strategy 2030 (LCDS), indigenous communities are benefitting tremendously from funds garnered from the sale of carbon credits, promoting a sustainable, green economy.

“That is the development that the PPP/C government, and our president is bringing to the Amerindian people. Rest assured that all the development you are seeing happening in Georgetown doesn’t mean we have forgotten our Amerindian brothers and sisters. We will be by your side, step by step to ensure that all of your livelihoods will prosper,” minister Persaud assured.

Each system features a 160-watt solar panel and a mobile charging facility, among other basic fittings.

This distribution exercise falls under the Solar Home Systems Project, which saw 30,000 units being acquired through a US$7.2 million line of credit agreement between the Government of Guyana and Government of India via the Exim Bank, and will be distributed to the hinterland households, as well as several Amerindian villages along the coast.

 Some $1.8 billion was allocated in Budget 2023 to roll out this exercise.