MP Forde’s allegations without merit, frivolous -Attorney General

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, the Hon. Mohabir Anil Nandlall today rubbished claims by APNU+AFC Member of Parliament, Hon. Roysdale Forde SC that the PPP/C government had breached the Constitution and several sections of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act. 

In a statement to the media, the Opposition MP had alleged that the PPP Government breached Article 219 (3) of the Constitution of Guyana; Section 80 (B) of the Fiscal Management and Accountability Act; it had failed to amend the schedule to the Act appropriately; as well as breaching the Constitution regarding the Local Government Commission.

The allegations are “completely without merit and absolutely frivolous” the Attorney General said. 

Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney General, Hon. Mohabir Anil Nandlall

He added that it was the APNU+AFC, acting on the advice given by Mr. Forde, which “caused the entire nation-state of Guyana to careen off the constitutional tracks and made everything done in government illegal and unconstitutional.” 

AG Nandlall said this has put the government in an almost impossible position of havingto bring back the ship of Guyana within the legal perimeters of the Constitution and that is what we have been doing from the time we got into office.” 

The Attorney General stated that the PPP/C Administration has tried to comply with the Constitution “as far as reasonably practicable” as it relates to the unconstitutional events over the last five months. He noted that during the months following the March 2 General and Regional Elections, the PPP had indicated that a Statement of Expenditure would be laid in the National Assembly. 

“Mr. Forde wants to lay a Statement of Expenditure in compliance with 219 (3) at the time when the Budget estimates were laid. That is improper, and it is wrong,” the AG said. 

The Minister emphasised that the country is dealing with an “unprecedented circumstance” where there has been no fiscal package for nine months. As such, all formalities could not be satisfied. 

“In these circumstances, you try to satisfy the main substance of the law,” the Attorney General said.  

He also recalled that Mr. Forde was on the APNU+AFC legal team during their time in office and would have been providing advice on several matters. 

“The Guyanese people would be familiar with the type of advice that came from that team of which Mr. Forde was a part. In my Budget presentation, I have detailed the violations and desecrations which they have done to the rule of law and the Constitution repeatedly over the past five years while in government,” Minister Nandlall said. 


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