New aquifer based water system for Port Kaituma

GINA, GUYANA, Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) is moving to implement an aquifer based system in Port Kaituma, Region One. The aquifer based system was described as being easier to treat water than the surface based system which is currently being used to the supply water to the community.

Planning and Implementation, Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) Director Ramchand Jailall

Speaking with the Government Information Agency (GINA) today, Planning and Implementation Director Ramchand Jailall explained that GWI’s present water system in the community provides for water to be taken from the river and supplied to the residents. He explained that at a certain time of the year, the system is challenged, when the river becomes contaminated with mining effluent.

Jailall further explained that GWI is looking to put in place a new water treatment system in the community to ensure the delivery of safe and potable water to the residents. In the interim however, the water company has begun undertaking the drilling of wells in the community.

GWI had completed the drilling of a new well in the community in 2016. The water company is also working towards the construction of the new well, beginning in March which will be completed this year, Jailall explained.

It is GWI’s intention to have these wells integrated into the new water treatment system which will come on stream and to begin the phasing out of the surface water supply to the residents. “The cost for treating surface water is far more expensive than the cost of treating ground water which is much more pure,” Jailall explained, noting the water company’s reasoning behind the initiative.

GWI will also be executing water improvement interventions in Matthews Ridge, Mabaruma, Yarakita and Oronoque in Region One.

More than 500 persons will benefit from improved quality of water and service with GWI undertaking the refurbishing of the system in Matthews Ridge. The intervention in this community will go to go to tender in two weeks and is expected to be completed by June, Jailall said.

The interventions in Mabaruma began in 2016, Jailall explained.  Currently, the water supply to the community is taken from springs and in the dry season, the production from the springs are very low.  However, Jailall pointed out that GWI has teamed up with the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) to take water to the community by way of the Hosororo falls. GWI has already facilitated the construction of a reservoir in Mabaruma and is in the process of constructing an intake facility and installing the transmission main to activate the new system.

New wells will also be constructed at Oronoque and at Yarakita, Jailall noted. The well at Oronoque will provide improved service to more than 300 residents for the first time, whilst the new well at Yarakita will provide reliable water supply to more than 700 persons.


By: Macalia Santos